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    Volume Photography Services

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    Picture Day

    Picture day couldn't be any easier with G&H Photography. Our volume photography services are exactly what you are looking for. From sports to schools, we've got you covered. We've partnered with PhotoDay to deliver a seemless experiance for leagues, institutions and most of all parents. Say good bye to paper order forms. Learn how G&H Photography takes the hassle out of picture day for your school or league.

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    Sports Photography

    Capture the spirit of the game with our specialized sports photography services. We utilize the innovative features of PhotoDay to ensure a seamless experience for both parents and leagues:

    Simple Workflow: Our use of PhotoDay's modern galleries, such as Private, Group, and Public, ensures easy access and a user-friendly checkout experience for photos.

    Capture App: No more manual matching or paperwork. With the Capture App, we offer a contactless workflow that automatically matches subject data with photos, ensuring faster turnaround times.

    Customer Storefront: Say goodbye to paper order forms. Parents can easily access photos, purchase packages, and even customize themes, text, and crops right from their devices. Once an order is placed, it's directly sent to our lab for fulfillment.

    FaceFind: This feature simplifies the process of finding and grouping photos, making it easier for parents to locate their child's pictures in group or public galleries.

    Live Preview: Before making a purchase, parents can preview products like memory mates, buttons, and other themed items, ensuring they get exactly what they want.

    Custom Themes & Backgrounds: We offer customization options tailored to the specific organization, allowing parents to mix and match poses and backgrounds for a unique finish.

    Retouching: Enhance the quality of photos with retouching that softens skin, removes blemishes, and evens out skin tones.

    Communication: Stay informed with automated marketing from the start to delivery. With features like AdvancePay and smart text marketing, parents are always in the loop about picture day and order updates.

    Shipping Options: PhotoDay offers direct-to-door drop shipping, ensuring photos reach parents swiftly. There's also an option for bulk shipping for larger orders.

    Trust us to capture the essence of the game while ensuring a hassle-free experience for all involved.

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    School Photography

    Cherish every school year with our dedicated photography services, designed with privacy and ease at the forefront:

    Unwavering Privacy: Through PhotoDay's Private Galleries, we safeguard each student's memories. Only those with unique access codes can view and purchase photos, ensuring utmost confidentiality.

    Effortless Experience: Our integration with PhotoDay streamlines the photo selection and purchasing process, making it straightforward for parents to find and buy their child's cherished moments.

    Swift Capture: With the Capture App, we've eliminated tedious manual processes, ensuring quick photo sessions and even quicker photo deliveries.

    Personalized Storefront: Gone are the days of paper forms. Our digital storefront allows parents to view, select, and customize their child's photos with a few simple clicks.

    Consolidated Deliveries: Our bulk shipping option ensures all photographs are sent to a single designated location, simplifying distribution for the school.

    Precision Cropping: With AutoCrop, we guarantee uniformity in images, especially for yearbook submissions, presenting each student in the best light.

    Photo Enhancements: Our retouching services subtly refine each image, highlighting every student's natural beauty.

    Seamless Communication: AdvancePay offers parents the flexibility to pre-purchase, streamlining the post-photo day ordering process.

    Trust in our commitment to capturing the essence of the school year while prioritizing privacy and convenience for all involved.

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